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Turnaround and Restructuring Consulting
For over 20 years, Hiramatsu & Associates has been successfully guiding
troubled companies through challenging times. This includes quickly and
accurately identifying the root causes of business problems, assessing the
severity of the situation and recommending a plan of action for turnaround.
We develop, propose and implement short-term and long-term
corrective solutions to mitigate a downward spiral and maximize the
value and profitability of your business. We approach each assignment
with objectivity and integrity and use our analytical skills and real world
experience to advise clients on improving the health of their companies.

Our business turnaround services include:

  • Diagnosing the root causes of significant business challenges
  • Examining current processes for potential improvement
  • Rebuilding profits and cash flow; reducing costs
  • Developing plans for the restructuring of unsecured debt and
    refinancing of secured debt
  • Re-negotiating leases and other contracts
  • Preparing cash flow projections
  • Improving working capital management
  • Reducing cycle times
  • Assessing the efficacy of business models
  • Conducting management audits
  • Performing strategic assessments

You don’t have to wait until your business is in trouble to call us. We
can also perform an assessment of your business.

Business Assessment
With our experience in turning around financially distressed businesses, we are
able to quickly identify the warning signs in underperforming companies
before they reach financial crisis. Within a short period of time, we can
identify areas where you can increase productivity and profits, improve cash
flow and more effectively manage assets and costs. Our performance
improvement consulting is customized to the needs of your company and
designed to help you reach your business goals. Services include the
assessment and recommendations.

Business Plan Validation

Too often, company stakeholders are unsure about, or are not completely
confident in, the validity of business plans and cash flow projections
prepared by management. In this situation, a second, independent,
opinion is in order. Our comprehensive business plan assessments include
an on-site visit to your company, a thorough management audit and
a review of financial data, policies and procedures. Depending on
the issues and findings, the assessment may result in recommendations
for cost-cutting, process improvement, personnel realignment, changes in
reporting to stakeholders and/or clarification of long-term strategic plans.

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