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Turnaround and Restructuring Consulting | Business Assessment | Business Plan Validation

  • Worried about the future of your business?
  • Losing sleep over cash flow problems?
  • Declining bottom line giving you anxiety?
  • Lender or tax issues causing you stress?
  • Tried and true policies and procedures no longer working?
  • Not sure what your next strategic move should be?

We can help.  Founded in 1991, Hiramatsu & Associates, Inc. is a management consulting firm that advises underperforming and financially distressed middle-market companies to improve financial and operational performance, cash flow and the bottom line.  We provide objective assessments, diagnose the root causes of problems and recommend comprehensive improvement plans that are cost-effective and realistic to implement.

We work closely with business owners and managers to identify, prioritize, plan and execute the changes necessary to improve the company’s financial situation.  Our approach is professional and practical.  Our services are customized, timely and thorough.  Our number one goal is to help you improve the financial health of your company.

Find out who we work with and how we can help you.